Saturday, April 6, 2013

Garden Demolition – Post Demolition Photos 

Wow! What a difference. The last two posts have focused on my backyard, particularly the design ideas and photos of what it looked liked before work began. This post shows the backyard cleared out, the first lot of plants for the hedge around the fence planted and the existing fig tree in the middle of the yard. It feels really open and large now..... so far so good! The plants I have chosen for the hedge are Murraya, they have a small shiny evergreen with a small fragrant white flower. This plant will grow into a full hedge which is really easy to maintain, it grows reasonable quickly and withstands the Australian climate. 
The idea is for the Murraya to grow to the height of the fence while in front of it another variety of hedge, Japanese Box will be planted and will grow into a smaller hedge giving a layered hedge look. Grass with be laid everywhere else. Unfortunately there are two drains which require access by council that cannot be grassed over so pavers will be laid over the top creating a small sitting area to the right of the backyard. 


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