Friday, June 21, 2013


As I have previously mentioned I am a terrible decision maker when it comes to choosing furniture. Its not because I don't like anything its because I like too many things. Most people stick to a theme for their interior decorating, I find this really difficult mostly because I like many different styles. Being in my 20 somethings... I think I'm still finding the right style for me and my family. However that being said I made a purchase and I'm very happy. So far so good. 

A new online furniture store has popped up called Max Sparrow. His furniture pieces echo American style including the increasingly popular Hampton's look. 
Shopping at Max Sparrow was a different online shopping experience. Firstly it is a lot cheaper then shopping in furniture stores in Sydney, Secondly you purchase within a timeframe in order for the furniture to arrive within the 8-10 week period. For someone like me that was a good thing because I had to make a decision quick. So I can almost hear you asking "what do you mean, you have to purchase within a time frame?". When I first logged onto the website I noticed a count down at the top of the screen, initially saying 5 days to go. I wondered what this was myself until I read what Max Sparrow was all about. To keep costs down Max Sparrow compiles a bulk order to save on warehouse storage of excess items. therefore only items paid for will be ordered and made thus eliminating excess stock.  I'm not sure how many days are in the window of opportunity to purchase but if you order in that window of opportunity you should have your item within 8-12 weeks. This method is called "Group Order" and you can read more about it on the website.The longer lead time is the only downside I can see so far as its hard not to get excited about your purchase only to have to wait a reasonable long time to receive it, but for the cost saving I'm ok with it! The last thing I would like to touch on is how easy the website is to use and make my purchase. A clear step by step check out process eliminates any difficulty in understanding what point of check out you are at.

All of those annoying logistics out of the way I am rather impressed with the selection of goods. I could have bought more, but I showed some self restraint and thought I would start with one piece. 
There is also the option to purchase a package which may include a sofa, coffee table and chair these vary according to price and number of items within the package. 

 Looking through the furniture for sale on the website, it struck me why I liked it so much, the items are timeless pieces that wont date with trends or fads. These pieces are classic, if thats your style or not its difficult to say that these pieces are unattractive. Classic timeless pieces are never in or out of fashion they seem to glide through trends in an ethereal state remaining always beautiful. 

Here is the item I purchased The Montgomery Side Table. At $355 + $80 delivery I was really impressed. This item is going to go next to the sofa. 

W559 x D711 x H711mm
W22 x D28 x H28in

Other Max Sparrow items I had my eye on...

The Austin Coffee Table 

Austin Coffee Table. All furniture seen in this room is for sale on the website

Claremont Coffee table 

Gramercy Coffee Table

American Shelter Arm Sofa
It comes with all the cushions that you can see on the sofa
Love it!!!!

This is one option of a package deal that you can purchase. What a great idea!! and on top of being a great idea how beautiful is the package!
Cote Dazur Side dresser 
Very Penthouse !!

Lovely Planter Boxes 
I hope you have enjoyed my review on Max Sparrow so far, Hopefully I will be just as impressed with the company once I receive my item. Let me know what you think!

Please Visit the site:

Mrs CB


  1. Mrs CB, what did you think of the piece when it arrived. Was it good quality? I'm wanting to order two Soho end tables but am nervous about spending almost $1000 on furniture I haven't seen or touched!

  2. Hello Mrs P,
    Thanks for visiting my blog! I was very happy with the side table when it arrived. It arrived flat packed and the gentleman who delivered it also assembled it, which I thought was great! I bought only one table as I was hesitant to purchase without seeing the piece first. I am very happy with the montgomery side table and I'm thinking of buying another. It is very good quality better then I feel you would expect. I went into the show room today to have a look around and I thought all the pieces were very good quality and classy. I totally understand how you feel as I felt the same. The Soho tables look beautiful (unfortunately they didn't have those in the showroom) and I don't think you will be disappointed. It might ease your mind to know that you can return the items. I hope this helps. I will put up a photo of the side table soon which might also help you.
    Kindest Regards
    Mrs CB

  3. Thanks for your help Mrs CB! I put my order in today- exciting!

  4. Very exciting- I'm really glad I could help! I would love to know how it all turns out when your tables arrive.

  5. Keep away from Max Sparrow, I have purchased 3 pieces and all have been faulty. Have to wait 16 weeks and product is not even inspected upon arrival from China. I have been waiting on replacement on one of my pieces and I'm not even getting a response from anyone at MS.

  6. I will keep away from max sparrow.. even though the furniture looks amazing.. I was setting up a styling lounge and ordered a round trellis table for my landing area which was due before my opening on the 8th of April still waiting..

    Customer service is horrible and rude especially the Sydney office.. Brisbane is good but they don't have no control on orders or they can't answer you straight away.. I think they made my order as a joke paid 1800$ so I get a message in march that my table is here and ready for delivery so I replied yes to the message nothing came.. then a week later when I enquired told it was in transit then after another 6 weeks gone nothing came then I chased on it then said it was faulty so they had to send back it was all excuses yes the above blog is true if they don't have full container you can wait for your goods for months & years.. 'nobody got time for that '

    I will definately keep away from this company.. liars I'm not sure how many more people are experiencing this my next step is investigating more on this brand who are they ??
    I ordered salon chairs myself from china it came in a container I got it in the time frame promised✨
    Max sparrow I think you can afford a container if you want to give good customer service shame