Sunday, March 16, 2014

Pendant Lights

Pendant Lights 

Renovation update: I have purchased two Restoration Hardware pendant lights to hang over the breakfast bar. I have chosen the Classic Clemson Pendant which I think will tie into the theme of the house. I'm quite sure there is no way you can do a reasonable renovation without set backs or something going wrong, my dilemma..... a concrete ceiling. What does that mean? Well it means that all lighting has to be determined when the house is built so that wiring can be installed when the concrete ceiling is poured, therefore adding any lighting in the future requires either chiselling into the concrete and then plastering over the top or creating a false ceiling so that the wiring is hidden.
The decision I have made is to install a small decorative false ceiling to hide the wires and still have my beloved pendant lights!

Not only do these pendant lights look fabulous but they also have purpose for us as there is currently no lighting over the breakfast bar. We often sit and have dinner at the breakfast bar or use it for entertaining so these lights will really add as a nice feature to the room.

Pendant lighting is becoming more and more popular in Australia as we gravitate towards the American  New England/Hampton's look where this style of lighting is most common. I have found an Australian website which sells similar lights called Schots lighting ( which is located in Melbourne. They have a reasonable selection of pendant lights.

I'm looking forward to having these lights installed and will post a before and after.

Below is the Classic Clemson pendant light from Restoration Hardware (

Images of the light in a kitchen:

Other pendant light photos 
Restoration Hardware

Clemson Double pendant - Restoration Hardware

Restoration Hardware 

Restoration Hardware 

Clemson Double Pendant - Restoration Hardware

Schots Home Emporium - Lighting Selection 
Evans Pendant light 

Harbor Pendant Light 

Mrs CB


  1. Hi Mrs CB,

    Catching up after my break from blog land! Love the new pendant lights, they will look stunning. Can I ask how you went about making a purchase from Restoration Hardware. Also seen something similar in Bunnings the other day...yes Bunnings! Very surprised with the range of lighting they offer. Jodi x

  2. Hi Jodi,
    I have a US mail box, so I shipped the lights to my mailbox and then they ship it to me in Aus. You can use an Aus credit card with a US Shipping address on the Restoration Hardware web page. I have bought a few things from them and have been happy so far! Gee Bunnings..... I guess it was time they had a bit more variety!!! I wish I could ship more from the US they have so many nice things! MrsCBxx

  3. Wonderful blog! Nice pendant lights collection. It will be very beneficial to me. It’s always an excellent surprise every time a post is both informative and entertaining. Thanks a lot for providing valuable information.

  4. It really seems that you have a keen eye for beautiful light fixtures. That pendant light you chose is really lovely. Anyway, I don’t think you have to install a false ceiling, even if you’re worried about the wirings. You can just use some tube hoses to hide the wires and make it look neat, or you can also paint them for a uniform look. What do you think? Thanks for sharing that, by the way! All the best!

    Bryan Hubbard @ Douthit Electrical