Saturday, May 4, 2013


Finally I get to shop at Potterybarn and Williams -Sonoma in Sydney.... no more expensive shipping or dreaming of owning their products. My mum and I set off to Bondi Junction (the location of the store) to explore our favourite shops and it was great. Although the product range is limited when compared to the US stores, there was still a great range and I'm sure that once they have established the store the product range will increase. I still managed to find a few bits and pieces to purchase and certainly have my eyes keen on a few more.... I need to save my pennies first! My mum was very contained and only purchased pancake mix from Williams-Sonoma, However I had a few more things in my basket. 

Before entering the store I was concerned that Pbarn and WS would increase their prices significantly compared to their US website. Which to my surprise the price increase is only marginal. The US prices don't show the Tax added till check out which makes the price deceiving and then you also have to add the shipping costs. The slight price increase on the sales tag in the Sydney store almost matches the price you would pay in the US once you add all the extra costs. 

The store was really really busy which I had completely expected. Among the whispers between woman in the store only excitement and positive comments could be heard  and plenty of people making purchases large and small which is great news for the stores. All I can say is I'm not surprised at the response from Australian woman, Potterybarn and Williams-Sonoma offer products that make the home look comfortable and stylish in a quality finish in a price range that is reasonable. What more could you ask for, the products speak for themselves and I am looking forward to adding some of these products to my own home. 

Here are the items that came home with me :

Emile Henry large loaf pan.
I have the ruffled pie dish and both the rectangular and square baker.
I have only had positive results with this cookware. They cook evenly, easy to clean and look great!

Pottery Barn Pocket Watch Clock in polished nickel for my bedside table. This clock is small but has a large face so it doesn't take up much room on the bedside table but a face large enough to see the numerals.

PB White Dinnerwear - soup bowls.
I have the set already but over the years a few of these have chipped so it was really nice to go into the store and purchase these bowls to replace my old ones.
below is a photo of all the pieces in the set.
I have been very happy with this dinner set, it gets used for everyday meals. 

Williams - Sonoma Pantry Pineapple Taper Holders.
These were just so sweet, I saw them and could not put them back on the shelf. These little taper candle holders look much better in person then on this photo, once you see them you won't be able to resist!

This is the Hudson Dresser that I have my eye on.....I saw it in store and Its really very nice!!!!

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