Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Designer Delight 

Once again I find myself trawling through interior designers websites drooling over fabulous homes looking for inspiration for my own home. I came across Connecticut based design firm called Muse Interiors while on the Houzz website, I realised I had saved a number of their interior room designs to my hot list, so I googled their website and fell in love with the work they do. If you at like the pictures of inspiration I post on this blog I can assure you that you will like Muse Interiors work. There are a number of pieces of furniture in the rooms that I wish I could get my hands on, but once again the difficulty of obtaining this style of furniture in Australia is either hideously expensive or just not available. Coco Republic and Max Sparrow seem to be the only stores that stock vaguely similar pieces. 

The reason I am drawn to the likes of Muse Interiors, Morgan Harrison Design, ect is that there is no particular theme to the rooms rather just a beautiful way of putting colours and pieces of furniture together that don't seem to date. Now I know that this particular design 'theme' is called New Traditional where classic design is met with fun fabrics to add a contrmporary flare, whatever you want to call it I really like it because it doesn't pigion hole a home into a theme which can date over time only to find yourself purchasing new furniture and redecorating at a rather large cost. I feel this is symptomatic of what is avaliable in Australia, fad themes such as french provincial and now the coastal/hamptoms theme, which mind you is a rather large influence in my home, but I find that these 'themes' are just a bit over done rather then just an influence. I'm no interior decorator and can hardly choose a colour to put on a wall but I know what I like to look at and I feel that with more and more popularity of American design I think I might be right when I say that Aussies want more variety and given the choice would choose to buy beautiful furniture and accessories.

That is my rant….. here is some beautiful rooms to pine over.



Mrs CB x

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